Thirteenth Willow Releases Schedules, an app for all school bell schedules

LAFAYETTE, Nov. 21, 2022 — Thirteenth Willow today announced the release of Schedules for web, iOS, and Android users. The service tells users which period they are currently in, what the next period is, how much time is remaining in the current period, and the next period’s starting time. Schedules currently only supports school bell schedules that are the same for all students in the school. Schools where the times of individual class periods may change student to student are not yet supported.

To request a schedule, users can go to, to have their schedule added to the system by a developer, with all bell schedules verified by Thirteenth Willow.

No personal data is collected in Schedules, unless the user explicitly opts-in to error monitoring.

Schedules is entirely open-source, and entirely free with no ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases. The source code is available on GitHub: web and mobile. A universal link that will redirect to the appropriate URL depending on the user’s device is

About Thirteenth Willow

Thirteenth Willow was founded by Bay Area resident and Acalanes High School senior Harris Kamran, who creates software to improve society in his spare time.

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